Inspired by the world

Notebooks and Pens


We are a family company established in 2019. Exploring the world is our passion and we spend every moment of our spare time crossing the globe. Traveling allows us to get to know diverse traditions and marvels of nature in its myriad forms.


And that is what inspired us to create our line of premium natural cosmetics. By using ages old knowledge and simple but proven ingredients. We wanted to create superb, yet gentle skincare and there was no better source for doing so than nature.



Nature is our ultimate philosophy. We are respectful towards it as we know it holds the key to beauty and fabulousness.


Katreg’s production is boutique as we produce small quantities but we do it often, so our products always stay fresh. Our focus remains on quality and we select only the finest natural materials grown in in certified organic farms. We believe that nature has it all and we refuse to use any chemical additives, parabens, sulfates, or perfumes in our formulas.



The natural ingredients we use are not unique. They have been used in beauty traditions around the world for centuries and that is where we drew our inspiration from. We deeply respect these traditions and want to help keep them alive.


We are working with facilities around the world so the production stays in the home country of the plants we select. Thus, we contribute to the local economy and ensure the legacy of these ancient beauty traditions isn't forgotten, while remaining entirely ethical. All the natural ingredients are as preserved as possible, extracted through caring methods such as cold pressing or water distillation.