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sealed with love

What makes Katreg’s products exclusive is our personal attitude and love, and the fact that we want nothing but the best for you at each phase of the production process.


White Branch


We want you to get high-quality luxurious cosmetics and we do so by creating our products with precision and attention to detail. We inspect every step of the production from the cultivation and processing of the plants to their storage. We pay extra attention to premium packaging and the choice of label material.


Katreg’s products come to you in violet glass bottles as it acts as a natural filter and blocks the visible light spectrum. Sun is essential for cultivation, but it can become dangerous when it comes to storage. Visible light rays can accelerate the molecular decaying processes of organic matter. Violet glass acts as a natural filter and blocks the visible light spectrum, only allowing visible violet light, non-visible UVA and far infrared lights, known to nourish organic matter.


This provides complete protection of the Katreg products against any organic decaying processes. Plus, you get a premium stylish bottle you can reuse over and over again, thanks to the easily removable silky soft label.

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