ROSE WATER - The queen of flowers will refresh you!

Rose Water – Benefits, Applications, and the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena

When it comes to beauty, skin care, and maintaining your body health, experts from both near and far will agree that there really is no substitute for Bulgarian Rose Water. Made from the essence of the famous Rosa Damascena flower grown in Bulgaria’s Rose Valley (among the most renowned sites for rose cultivation in the world), rose water has tons of benefits for the human body. In today’s post we’ve put together everything you need to know about this essential extract; from the origins of the flower, to its benefits and use, welcome to the ultimate educational guide for the world’s best rose water!


Just to the south of the Balkan Mountains, lies one of the most breathtaking places in the world – Bulgaria’s famous Rose Valley. Among those colorful buds lies one of the finest species of rose yet known to mankind – the Rosa Damascena, responsible for producing one of the purest forms of rose water and rose oil in the world. Consisting of about 10 to 15% oil, the flower has been cultivated for its essential properties for the past 330 years.


Rose water has a ton of amazing benefits which make it a popular ingredient in skin care and medicinal regimes. Some of the key benefits are listed below:

1. Skincare

The anti oxidizing properties in the water extracted from the Rosa Damascena are greatly helpful in healing fry skin and regenerating new skin cells. The product is also antibacterial, which helps heal wounds and scars, leaving fresh smooth skin it place. Moreover, patients of acne and other irritating skin rashes experience relief after the application of rose water; it’s a great cleanser and moisturizer and helps cleaning clogged pores too.

2. Mood

The amazing scent of rose water is widely used to enhance mood. The aroma has been seen to calm down the nerves, reduce anxiety, and leave a person feeling more peaceful and relaxed.

3. Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? Pure rose water extracted from the Rosa Damascena flower also has the ability to help people sleep better at night. Smudging a few drops of the liquid on to your pillow will keep you surrounded in the scent, and help you fall into a peaceful sleep quicker.

4. Hair

The moisturizing property of rose water has a great impact on the quality of hair as well. Rough, dry strands can be healed back to their original soft texture by the regular application of rose water. Moreover, if you’re looking for a more natural replacement to the chemicals of a conditioner, then rose water is the perfect liquid for you. Application after washing helps to untie knots and encourage hair growth. Dandruff, itching and mild scalp inflammations can be reduced with the help of this amazing liquid too.


Loving the benefits, but wondering how on Earth to get started? Say no more.

The best way to apply rose water on the skin (and to get maximum effect out of it) is to dab it on your face at night using a cotton bud. This will act as a natural cleanser and leave your skin glowing and refreshed in the morning. You can also use it in the following ways:

1. Put it into a spraying bottle and spritz away at your face before you go out! Rose water is a great setting spray and its mist will keep your skin looking fresh all day.

2. Mix it with equal parts of glycerin and massage it into your scalp to encourage hair growth and clean your roots. This reduces frizz and dryness of hair as well.

3. Sick of sore, late-night bags? Soak two cotton balls in rose water and apply them on to your eyes. Leave for a few minutes. Regular application will lead to less puffy eyes and decreased redness too.

4. After a tired day of work, add a few drops of rose water and coconut oil on to a cotton pad and gently rub on face, to remove your makeup in the healthiest way possible.

Why the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena?

There are over 7000 different species of rose all over the world, so you may very well be wondering what makes the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena special. The answer is simple: this variation of rose produces the highest quality of oil and water. The Rose Valley in Bulgaria had the most ideal climates for rose production possible. The Damascena roses harvested here are used to pure, 100% natural Bulgarian rose water, which has maximizing beneficial properties for health.

Roses are handpicked every day from the rose fields and the freshest rose petals are used in the steam distillation process to make the finest quality of rose water possible. Compared to the other thousands of variations out there, rose water extracted from the Bulgarian Damascena, needs no additional chemicals or additives and gives you access to the full range of its beneficial properties.